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 [Filipino-Movie] You Got Me

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PostSubject: [Filipino-Movie] You Got Me   Sat May 10, 2008 7:43 pm

Title: You Got Me
Also known as: Huli Ka (working title)
Genre: Romance, Comedy
Language: Filipino, English, Cebuano (English subs not available)
Country: Philippines
Official website: http://www.abs-cbn.com/yougotme/index.html
Format: avi format
Year: 2007

Toni Gonzaga as Lt. Amor 'Moe' Santander
Sam Milby as Lt. Kevin Robles
Zanjoe Marudo as Caloy

Courtesy of You Got Me official site

Everybody in this world is scared. But sometimes, it takes two scared persons to do one brave thing: to fall in love.

A woman is in action in the busy streets of Manila. She runs fast. She jumps from high building corridors down to the streets. She rolls to avoid flying pots and pans. The man she's running after gets farther and farther away. She stands up, picks up a watermelon and hurls it at the running offender. It knocks him down. She approaches, steps on his chest and declares, "Huli ka!" Lt. Amor "Moe" Santander fears nothing. Nothing except love.

A geeky police officer watches Lt. Santander run and catch the offender. He notices her every detail - from her swift, graceful moves to her long, flowing hair. No one could possibly be more beautiful than this girl. But despite the opportunities to be closer to this girl, Kevin just couldn't make a move. Lt. Kevin Robles fears everything especially professing his love to the one girl he's loved all these years.

A man runs from street to street with what is left of his pirated DVD merchandise in tow. He has to escape this unrelenting policewoman or his brother would have no money to pay for his tuition
fee. Something hard hits him and knocks him down. The next thing he knows, he is seeing an apparition. A valiant angel is "on top" of him, with the wind blowing her hair. Caloy is mesmerized in his defeat.

Moe's father has always feared that his daughter might live her life alone. He saw how she closed herself to love after witnessing his devastation following her mother's death, and after seeing love's ill effects on some of her friends. But upon his untimely death, she comes upon his letters expressing his concern for her. His one wish was for his only daughter to give love a chance.

The next day, by the inexplicable turn of events, Moe's love story begins. Caloy tries to win her heart, while Kevin continues to love her from a distance. But their web of relationships get more complicated as Kevin ends up helping Caloy woo Moe into becoming his girlfriend; at the same time that Moe and Kevin's friendship deepens. Moe finally gives her sweet "yes" to Caloy.

Love and confusion takes its effects on Moe. From a very cunning SWAT officer, she suddenly finds herself distracted in the midst of her operations.

megaupload.com 6K6MG2PB
megaupload.com OYQNWJOK
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megaupload.com 5OVH8VVT
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[Filipino-Movie] You Got Me
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