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 [Rs] Senario The Movie : Episode 1 2008

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PostSubject: [Rs] Senario The Movie : Episode 1 2008   Thu Dec 04, 2008 3:19 am

Format : H.264
Size : 700MB Avi
Subtitle : None
Video : 5/5
Audio : 5/5
Source : nazwa69

The story tells the tale of 3 friends who travel to the city of Kuala Lumpur in search of fulfilling their dreams. Mazlan, Azlee and Wahid dreams of being a famous person one day in the big city. They travel to Kuala Lumpur to audition being the best comedian in the nation. Unfortunately they were met with so many obstacles that have stopped them from moving forward.
The most unbelievable thing that happened to them was being apprehanded by the police because they looked similarly like the group of robbers who had committed a series of big robbery.
They are very worried as to the audition is just days away and they are stil locked up in the jailhouse and they havent done any preparation for the audition. But, with their patience and determination they were finally freed and manage to make it for the audition. BUT.....
Will they ever get to participate and will they fulfill their dreams?
All will be answered in SENARIO THE MOVIE: EPISODE 1


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[Rs] Senario The Movie : Episode 1 2008
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