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 P.S.P - Patapon 2

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PostSubject: P.S.P - Patapon 2   Tue Sep 08, 2009 2:17 pm

# Random armor or weapon

Have saved game file from Patapon with items in your inventory in that game. Go to Tochira Beach when it is raining. You should find a treasure chest and some crabs. Break open the chest to get a random armor piece or weapon from your Patapon inventory.

# Lordly Hairpiece

Load a completed saved game file from the Patapon 2 demo to unlock the Lordly Hairpiece, which gives full status protection.

# Easy Demon Bones

Play the "Angry Monster Bird Motititi" mission until reaching level 5. Upgrade your Patapons to Menyokki. Equip them with weapons that can put the monster to sleep, but are weak enough not defeat the monster quickly. The longer the monster lives, the more bones you will receive. You can also get rare weapons occasionally at level 15.

# Easy Boss items

Evolve a Patapon to its plant form, and have it reach level 10. Maximize its Stagger ability. Bosses will now drop items while staggered.

If YOU WaNt tO wIn...

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P.S.P - Patapon 2
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