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 How to Download

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PostSubject: How to Download   Wed Feb 27, 2008 1:17 pm

nie ade tips sket


1. Click Request

Click Request

2. Click “Download” Or The Letter “D”

Click Download Or


1. First you need to find the file you wish to download, for this i’m going to pick episode 1 of Lost from season 3 which has been posted on Megaupload.com the file is megaupload.com DVNHJV90 (and was found on the season 3 page here).
2. After I clicked the link I am taken to another website (not owned by Oliv3r.net) which will say somewhere on the page “Please enter *random code* here:” put the code in the box and click download.
3. This will then give you another page which should have a premium and a free area, at the bottom of the free area should have a count down. Wait for that count down to end and click free download.
4. This will then say loading download and you may get a popup. The file should then ask you to save or open, you would be best to click save and now you need to wait while the file is downloading.
5. Once you have all the file first take a look and make sure it is a .AVI file and is around 350MB (could be over or under a little) if this is right click play and enjoy.
6. If the video doesn’t play or the sound, you may need to install the Xvid codec. In the event that downloading and installing the Xvid codec (you did reboot right?) does not work you might want to try VLC Media Player because it includes built in support for many formats that require special codecs to play in Windows Media Player.
7. More help can be found on the FAQ page.


1. Find the file you wish to download, this time there will be 4 parts. I am going to use episode 23 of heroes found here. Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4
2. Before you download you will need to install something called Winrar www.rarlab.com, this will be needed to get the episode out of the folder once you have downloaded all 4 parts.
3. Start on part 1 and click the link, if you do not get a removed or deleted error then you are able to download this episode. After you click you will be taken to Rapidshare and will see a free and premium page. Click free and you will be asked to enter a code.
4. Once you enter the code the download should open, please make sure you pick save as for the file and do not try to open it as this will not happen.
5. Once you have the first part saved onto your pc you will now need to get part 2, if you are a free user on rapidshare you can only download one file at a time.
6. This time do the same thing, if you get a download limit exceeded type of message, try resetting your modem or using a proxy.
7. Once you download all 4 parts and have them saved onto your pc first make sure all 4 files are in the same place, this will make things much quicker for you.
8. If you have never used Winrar before and can’t work out how to get the episode out of them please visit this forum topic.
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How to Download
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